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Why were BART escalator repairs delayed for 30 days? Monarch

Author:lulu Time:2021-01-14 16:41:16Click:

Old and outdated, BART escalators are routinely out of service. But the reason behind one BART Monarch elevator inverter's closure is something totally different: a nesting bird.

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A pigeon extended the closure of a BART escalator at the 24th Street Mission Station for 30 days when it decided to make a home out of the rolling stairwell. The east-side escalator was initially shut down in January to upgrade the unit's controllers. These upgrades are the result of BART's modernization project for its escalators.


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Although the repairs were set to finish in April, in a series of unfortunate and unexpected delays, the project was prolonged; the addition of new parts awaited state inspection and approval. Then, the birds came.


In late May, repair crews discovered a pigeon inside of the escalator's exposed machinery. The bird was nesting over two eggs atop a home of twigs and leaves. According to BART's Twitter account, federal law required the crews to leave the budding bird family alone, halting construction.