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The quality of elevator accessories is the most important in

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elevator door motor inverter special frequency conversion system, accurately control the elevator running status, improve your comfort in all directions, pre-torque function, Giant KONE elevator accessories can automatically adjust the elevator starting torque according to the load information provided by the load cell, so that the elevator starts More natural and comfortable.

Advanced safety detection and protection functions: make the main controller know the operation of the elevator and the state of the hoistway. The elevator adopts a new generation permanent magnet synchronous gearless host, or imported hydraulic system, which can save customers nearly 30% of electricity each year .




It also eliminates the loss of mechanical energy during traditional gearbox transmission, which further improves the effect. Specially tailored for low-rise buildings and lighter applications, and equipped with a low-power gearless host can save you electricity costs to the greatest extent.




Using machine room configuration not only saves construction costs, but also allows you to get the most out of your limited space. Even if there are special circumstances, you can handle them freely and fully guarantee your safety. Unique voltage detection function.




When the voltage in the power grid fluctuates abnormally and KONE elevator accessories affect the safe operation of the elevator, the intelligent control system will automatically issue an alarm and provide reliable safety protection. Automatic leveling function in case of power failure.




Automatic leveling in case of power failure during elevator operation. Gearless sealed bearings do not require lubrication, completely eliminate oil pollution, and eliminate the noise caused by gearbox transmission. Giant KONE elevator accessories change to a comfortable and quiet home environment.