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EV3200 dedicated inverter for elevator door machine

Author:xzfry Time:2021-01-13 15:07:38Click:
Monarch elevator inverter EV3200 dedicated inverter for elevator door machine A new generation of dedicated inverter for door machine, an integrated solution with high efficiency, stability and safety EV3200 inverter is a meticulous work of Emerson IAC, and its professional design is reflected in every detail. The operating keyboard has a user-friendly interface, which is convenient for the operator to debug or set parameters. Flexible modular software and function code parameter design provide a shortcut for fast operation. Based on user needs, Emerson focused on future development trends and safety performance at the beginning of the design of EV3200. Taking into account the possible expansion of the equipment, EV3200 reserves energy consumption braking unit, CAN, MODBUS communication functions and hardware interfaces, products can be customized according to customer needs. In order to facilitate installation and wiring, all interfaces of this new inverter adopt unified standard terminals. When performing on-site maintenance, you only need to open the housing without removing the wiring, thereby reducing maintenance time and saving users the cost of lost work caused by downtime. From a large number of application tests, it can be known that EV3200 not only can meet the customer's height limit requirements for assembly space, but also has high safety and powerful professional drive functions. It is a rare product for elevator users to choose.