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monarch inverter elevator Korean superstars’ super homes

Author:Elevator Inverter Time:2021-09-11 15:10:43Click:
monarch inverter elevator Korean celebrities seem to be everywhere nowadays — in the popular dramas that everyone is watching, the music that permeates the airwaves, and all of social media. The Hallyu Wave has indeed reached its peak.
Though these actors and musicians are omnipresent, how much do we really know about them? How do they live away from the spotlight; what do their homes look like?
People are interested to know where in South Korea they choose to live and their personal home style. In the process of researching, I got to know more about their country (specifically, Seoul) and their different neighborhoods.
I’ve only seen glimpses of Korean superstar Lee Min-ho’s home through his Instagram account. His latest drama is The King: Eternal Monarch on Netflix, but he has a string of hit dramas and movies displaying his acting chops. He is up there when it comes to superstardom with an international fan base.
Hyun Bin has of late been the “crush ng bayan” after the hugely popular Crash Landing on You drama. Be-dimpled and handsome, he is a serious actor who has made great films and dramas, many of which I have watched. It was only recently that I found out through various news reports that Lee Min-ho and Hyun Bin are neighbors in the same Mark Hills complex. So how is it like living there?
Mark Hills is a 21-story, high-rise building with a spectacular view of the city skyline. The views from the complex have been raved about and are a key selling point for real estate companies. The exclusive enclave is located in Southern Seoul and across the Han River. Other celebrities have chosen to live here as well because of the privacy and security it offers.