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15kw inverter 380v Is a 3-phase electric vehicle charger at

Author:Elevator Inverter Time:2021-07-16 09:54:16Click:
15kw inverter 380v We are encouraging questions from readers about electric vehicles, and charging, and whatever else you want to learn. So please send them through and we will get our experts to respond, and invite other people to contribute through the comments section.
I hope you can help with this. It follows on from a comment you made to another reader re his new build. In that case he was in the country and was intending to install three phase power.
You made a reference to three phase power probably not being needed in the city, given that fast charging stations would be around (if I read you correctly). I am doing a new build at Shoreham on the Westernport Bay side of the Mornington Peninsula. It is not way out in the country but it is not in the city either. No charging stations are nearby (to my knowledge).
We will almost certainly get an EV in the next year or two, so we want to make sure we are ready for charging facility. Should we make sure that the house is ready with three phase power to the property? Or will we be OK with single phase power, as our electrician is suggesting? Do you have a view about the relative costs of installing 3 phase now compared to single phase and 3 phase at a later stage?
Hi Mark – it is an interesting question as to whether 3 phase power is really needed for charging EVs as EVs (and EV charging systems) are evolving rapidly towards longer ranges and flexible, simplified charge management. I’ll therefore do an update on my last answer based on these changes.
As an example of the evolution of the EVs themselves, my new Hyundai Kona electric (a full battery electric vehicle, or ‘BEV’) on a single phase 32A (7kW) EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment: <see FAQs here>) will be fully charged and ready to go in around 9 hours.
And I charge it only once every week or two, based on doing 200 – 400km a week.
On the other hand, my old Leaf took 4.5hrs at 3.6kW (its fastest possible charge rate) and needed charging 3 – 4 times a week. Plus, because of its short range, I needed to find time to charge it during the day between trips occasionally. (As well as take my ICE car for trips over 90km return L ).
And I should point out, the Kona electric (like many EV models currently on the market) does not have a three phase charging system, so it simply cannot get a faster AC charge on three phase.