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inverters & converters
You would think there would be a little bit of post-pandemic etiquette running through our veins at this point, a pint of vacation trepidation that would hold us back from full blastoff. After all, in varying degrees, we’ve all been through so much, from losing loved ones to quarantining to wearing masks while walking our dogs to saving the softest junk mail just in case the world really did run out of toilet paper. Even at a craps table in Caesars Palace Las Vegas, you would expect a little consideration as it relates to our health and safety, and No. 1 on that “too soon” list would be: Do not blow on the dice!
Are you ready for this? I don’t mean taking a two-hour drive over county lines to finally hug granny again on her front porch. I mean packing your bags and getting on a plane; I mean crowds and buffets and pools; I mean all the least-covid-safe activities of our pre-pandemic lives. Are you mentally and physically prepared? Because just when you thought sitting in the middle seat in coach couldn’t get any worse, we have to add being squeezed by post-traumatic pandemic stress.
Jumping back in wholeheartedly to our old habits isn’t like ripping off a Band-Aid. There are so many layers to our suffering that it’s like unwrapping a mummy down to the bone in a whip-second. Especially if you make your first destination Las Vegas, the entertainment and gambling capital of the world. But that’s what I’ve done. The ultimate litmus test to see if I’m ready to rejoin America in all its glory and wonder.