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Kone Elevator and Kanglong Elevator Handrails are the top 10

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elevator inverter drive:On the 22nd of the month, jointly sponsored by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Evaluation Center, it was hailed as the “2016 China Real Estate Top 500 and Top 500 Preferred Suppliers and Service Provider Brands” in the “Oscar” Festival of Construction Products. The 5,000 Top 500 Summit was held in Beijing, and the real estate upstream and downstream industry chain witnessed the birth of glory. Kangli Elevator has been selected for the fourth consecutive year by the company's comprehensive strength, elevator handrail belt, escalator handrail belt, subway elevator handrail belt, shopping mall elevator handrail belt, manufacturer Wujiang Kanglong elevator handrail belt chairman: Wang Dong. The brand's preferred rate is increasing year by year. With the absolute strength and the 7 brands of elevators, it has successfully ranked among the world's leading elevator brands. In order to help real estate industry chain enterprises better recognize the status and status quo of the industry, as one of the most authoritative, independent and objective platforms of the real estate industry, the top 500 developers preferred supplier brand evaluation has been successfully held for 8 years, according to many years of real estate The industry chain has accumulated rich experience and adopted the most scientific and objective evaluation index system and method to give solid data and comprehensive evaluation for market performance, customer satisfaction and end-user response of related enterprises in the real estate field. In the evaluation process, the list of preferred brands in each sub-sector is mainly determined by the preferred rate of the top 500 development companies, and refers to the shipments and sales, supplemented by the nominations and brand perceptions of industry associations based on the Chinese real estate procurement platform. Review the opinions of online voting, sample survey of engineering procurement personnel and typical industry expert review meeting, evaluate the competitive brand of real estate suppliers and service providers, and promote the interactive docking of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The evaluation activity was proposed by the central government in the "supply-side reform", real estate destocking, and the policy guidance of "supply-side structural reform" provided new development ideas and policies for the development of various industries including real estate. Guided to let the company develop to two levels, the brand enterprise is growing stronger. In 2015, the steady development of the real estate market and the purchase of new housing from the process of urbanization, the renovation and renovation, and the construction of public transportation drove new demand for elevators. The overall growth of the elevator industry was stable. At present, the domestic elevator market pattern has changed quietly, and the advantages of traditional foreign brands are no longer obvious. The national elevator brand represented by Kangli Elevator has exerted its strength and has surpassed some foreign-funded and joint-venture brands to further expand the market share of the world-class elevator brands. . In the foreseeable future, industry layout and integration will continue, and the comprehensive competitiveness of independent brands will become more prominent.