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Kone Elevator and Kanglong Elevator Handrails are the top 102021-01-13 15:34:22
On the 22nd of the month, jointly sponsored by China Real Estate Association and China Real Estate Evaluation Center, it was hailed as the “2016 China Real Estate Top 500 and Top 500 Preferred Suppliers and Service Provider Brands” i
PUR polyurethane elastomer classification2021-01-13 15:34:21
PUR elastomers are mainly divided into casting type, thermoplastic type, compression type, and foaming type according to their processing methods. Among them, cast type PUR elastomer is the most important type. In recent years, with the development of
Hazard of short circuit of elevator2021-01-13 15:34:20
First, the computer roomelevator inverter drive​ 1.Speed limiter switch    The speed limiter switch acts on the speed limiter. When the elevator is overspeed, the speed limiter switch is activated. After the startup, the safety circuit of the ele
What are the effects of the elevator door controller?Schindl2021-01-13 15:34:19
It is believed that when many people take the elevator, they will feel that it is very fast and stable when in use. The elevator door controller can effectively open and close, and can make people more stable when riding. Its unique design has the eff
What are the key points of elevator brake inspection? Kone e2021-01-13 15:34:18
The brake must be sensitive and reliable. The brake shoe should fit snugly on the working surface of the brake wheel, and the brake band must be newly installed. The contact surface between the brake band and the brake wheel must not be less than 80%
Rescue procedures when passengers are trapped in the elevato2021-01-13 15:34:17
1) Rescue professionals who arrive at the scene should judge the position of the elevator car before performing rescue. (2) When the elevator car is more tha
SJEC Escalator: Why do some plate pin chains have rust marks2021-01-13 15:34:16
If there is rust on the surface of the plate-type pin chain, it should be taken seriously. This is not only about appearance, but also about major issues such as service life and safety. The production research of the long-term enriched plate pin chai
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