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Inadequate maintenance, elevator parts are prone to failure

Kone Parts :An elevator that runs in a 12-story residential building has an average of about 300 upwards and downwards movements per day. After years of running, parts and components are inevitable. Therefore, regular inspection, lubrication, adjustment and component replacement of elevators have become an important guarantee for the safe operation of elevator accessories.

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的 It is not the fault that threatens the safety of the residential elevator, but the cause of the fault cannot be eliminated and repaired in a timely and effective manner. If the funds are not in place, maintenance problems will become more difficult. According to the relevant provisions of the “Tianjin Elevator Safety Supervision and Management Measures”, the elevator in use should be inspected regularly every year. The user unit shall conduct regular inspections in accordance with the safety technical specifications, and shall submit periodic inspection requirements to the inspection and testing institution one month before the expiration of the qualified period of the elevator safety inspection. Elevators without regular inspection or unqualified inspection shall not be continued to be used.

In addition to the annual inspection, the elevator daily maintenance unit should also maintain and maintain the elevator in accordance with relevant national and municipal regulations. Daily maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and inspection, etc., ensure the elevator's safety performance, and conduct routine maintenance Written record.

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调查 However, the survey found that many property companies do not pay enough attention to elevator maintenance, and lack the concept of professional maintenance. In the face of unevenly qualified elevator maintenance units, the property company's inability to choose a professional elevator maintenance service provider for the owner is a cause of frequent elevator accidents in residential communities.

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According to some recent cases where the maintenance funds of the elevator could not be implemented, it was found that the elevator that stopped operation was basically damaged by large parts, and its maintenance costs were high, such as broken wire rope, damage to the traction machine and the door machine. It is also 2,000 yuan, at least 4 to 6 pieces are replaced each time. A set of door machine is 5,000 yuan. A traction machine also needs at least 35,000 yuan. The emergency fund can only be used for 10,000 to 20,000 yuan per elevator, which cannot be solved. These projects are urgently needed. "

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