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What kind of elevator is the Schindler Villa Elevator 3300 series?

Schindler Elevator 3300:The elevator car of Schindler Villa Elevator 3300 series elevator is 5% larger than the ordinary elevator without machine room. The entire elevator system will be shipped to the building to be installed, reducing delivery time and increasing installation speed. The 3300 series elevators are designed in Italian style and equipped with tempered glass, which can be perfectly integrated with any architectural style, including office buildings, churches, schools, apartment buildings and so on.

Schindler 3300 villa elevator has several characteristics:

No machine room design saves space;

Energy saving and power saving;

The installed inverter and backup power supply can make the elevator reach the ground floor safely in case of power failure;

The automatic lighting control system in the cabin can save electricity;

Elevator instruments are LED display; low power consumption;

Bus control structure reduces material waste;

Fast and comfortable operation; the use of a central guidance system reduces friction and energy consumption;

The door system adopts waiting mode, which saves electricity.

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