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Beijing implements classified annual inspections for elevators less than ten years old and old ones

Kone Parts: At present, there are nearly 220,000 elevators in the city, and the annual growth rate is more than 10,000 units. The people's demand for safe and reliable elevators is increasing. The quality supervision department has statistically analyzed information and data on elevator inspection, testing, complaint reporting, supervision and inspection, and accidents over the years. The results show that due to differences in the service life of elevators, places of use, equipment use, safety management status, and maintenance capabilities, The overall security situation demonstrated also varies. For example, for elevators with a service life of less than ten years, and for elevators maintained by large maintenance organizations, the pass rate of one inspection is generally high, the accident rate, failure rate is low, and the overall risk is relatively low.

Therefore, for elevators that have been in service for less than ten years (except for elevators used in public gathering places), the application of a maintenance organization with a certain organizational size will adjust the pilot elevator from the original one-year regular inspection to one year after one-year regular inspection. A self-test is performed the following year. But this does not mean lowering the detection threshold: the content of the self-inspection items is higher than the regular inspection. The self-inspection items cover 92 regular inspection items. In addition, a total of 30 self-inspection items have been added, of which 24 are enterprise standards, and the enterprise The standard is stricter than the national standard, and the quality of internal control is higher. The proportion of random inspection by the inspection agency shall not be less than 5%. In addition, the responsible entities, such as pilot elevator users and maintenance units, should also timely insure elevator safety liability insurance.

For old elevators and high-risk elevators used in public gathering places, the quality supervision department stated that on the basis of the annual inspection, the safety evaluation of high-risk elevators should be added, and a number of strengthening measures such as key supervision and inspection should be implemented based on the evaluation results. , Government relief, and clear channels for the use of special maintenance funds.

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