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Do you want to install elevators in old neighborhoods?

Kone Lift: Due to historical reasons, there are a large number of multi-storey old buildings in the downtown area without elevators. The inconvenience of going up and down the stairs has become a major obstacle to the daily life and safe travel of the elderly. Some elderly people who are physically weak living in the old buildings on the 6th and 7th floors are struggling to go up and down and are looking forward to installing an elevator. In addition to improving the quality of life of the elderly, installing elevators in old buildings is also an important way to improve the quality of urban settlements, reduce repeated home purchases, and save social resources.

 As early as last October, 25 ministries and commissions including the National Office for Aging, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Construction of a Livable Environment for the Aged," encouraging local governments to increase construction efforts for ageing and old buildings. The installation of elevators has become an urgently needed aging content. In the past few days, interviews with reporters have found that although installing elevators in old buildings is convenient for the elderly and saves social resources, implementation has been difficult. These include: lack of overall planning and design, incompatibility of first-floor residents, and lack of funding sources. There is an urgent need for the whole society to work together to solve these problems as soon as possible.

 70% of interviewed elderly people look forward to

 The School of Architecture of Tianjin University has listed the installation of elevators in old multi-storey buildings as graduate courses, set up a survey team for aging and transformation, and conducted many social surveys. Chen Mengyuan, a graduate student who participated in the survey, told reporters that starting from April 25 this year, they have investigated Fenghe Garden, Wanwei Garden, Huazhangli, Beiwu Village, Xuefuli, Guanghuli, and Fufang in Nankai District and Hexi District. There are more than 10 communities in Huli, Fenghuli, Zhaohuli, Xuehuli, Longjingli, Guanghuali, Xielongli, Chang'anli, Fumindongli, Linxin Apartment, etc. Many elderly people are particularly looking forward to installing elevators.

 The elderly in several communities interviewed told Chen Mengyuan that they were in their 70s and lived on the 6th or 7th floor. Due to their physical weakness, they rarely went downstairs and were very depressed. The children once persuaded them to sell the high-rise house and buy a first-floor house elsewhere, but they were unwilling because they had feelings for the existing community and were very familiar with the surrounding environment and were unwilling to move away. The survey found that although there are a few elderly people who are willing to move to the first-floor house, because the first-floor housing prices are generally higher than those on the 6th and 7th-floor houses, it is difficult for the elderly to withstand the economic pressure of changing houses. Up to now, 70% of the elderly in the online questionnaire collected by the Tianda School of Architecture's investigation team for aging and transformation clearly stated their willingness to install elevators.

 Professor Song Kun from the School of Architecture of Tianjin University told reporters that installing elevators in old buildings has become an urgent need for many elderly people, and it has also become a livelihood issue. At present, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Fujian and many other places have begun to study and promote the pilot work of installing elevators in old communities, and have achieved good social results. In order to promote the installation of elevators in old communities in this city, they have established a transformation team that focuses on promoting the aging reconstruction of existing residential communities, ecological energy-saving reconstruction, and the installation of elevators in existing multi-story residential buildings.

 In 2015, Professor Song Kun submitted to the government through the CPPCC the "Proposal on the Government's Support to Install Elevators in Multi-storey Houses in Old Communities to Improve the Environment for the Elderly". The contents mainly include: the practical significance of installing elevators in old buildings, and various measures that government departments should take, which have received feedback and responses from relevant departments. Song Kun told reporters that according to their investigations and calculations, the demand for retrofitting elevators on the doors of old buildings in this city is very high. Although there is a large market demand for installing elevators in old buildings, there are many obstacles to their implementation.

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