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Mitsubishi Board:Advantages of double pitch toothed conveyor chains

Mitsubishi Board: The double-pitch toothed conveyor chain can effectively improve the problem of serious noise and wear during the transmission process of the traditional roller conveyor chain conveyor. The new chain is mainly assembled by M-type chain plate, guide plate, reinforcing plate, rolling pin and positioning pin, wherein the M-type chain plate and guide plate are matched with the pin clearance, and the reinforcing plate and the pin are interference fit.

Double pitch roller chain is one of the most widely used conveyor chains. However, in the conveying link, due to the polygon effect of the conveying device conveyed by the double-pitch roller conveying chain, the wear is serious; and because the inner chain link is too wide, the conveyed material falls into the conveying device through the roller chain. It is not uncommon to cause machine jams, causing immeasurable economic losses.

The variable-pitch and variable-pitch circle characteristics of a double-pitch toothed conveyor chain can effectively reduce the polygonal effect of the chain transmission system, thereby reducing the rate fluctuation and the additional load caused by the rate change, making its wear characteristics better than that of a double-pitch roller Conveying chain.

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