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Mitsubishi Elevator Components and maintenance of elevators

Mitsubishi Elevator :is a special lifting machinery carrier, which is composed of safety electrical circuit and mechanical parts. In order to strengthen the safety inspection and supervision of the elevator and avoid accidents, the following escalator accessories will summarize the components and maintenance of the elevator for you.

Escalator accessories

Elevator consists of two parts: machinery and electrical appliances: if the elevator is not maintained daily, the safety of the elevator will not be guaranteed. If the elevator does not refuel when it is refueled, it will cause wear and damage to the elevator's mechanical parts, making the elevator The service life is greatly shortened, and the elevator cannot be used normally.

Elevator traction machine requires smooth oil: there are two scales on the outer cover of the traction machine. Open the oil nozzle to view the oil between the two scales. If the oil is lower than the lower scale, it means that the traction machine should be refueled. If there is no refueling, the elevator does not get very smooth under long-term operation, which may cause the traction machine and motor to burn out. After the elevator has been running for a long time, the oil should be replaced in time in the future to keep the traction machine fresh and smooth.

Escalator accessories

Cleaning and smoothing of elevator car guide shoes: The guide shoes run on the guide rails, and the guide cups have oil cups on top. To ensure that the elevator does not produce friction noise, regularly oil the oil cups and clean the guide shoes, and clean the car in time. health.

Maintenance of elevator hall doors and car doors: Elevator failures are generally presented on elevator hall doors and car doors, so attention should be paid to the maintenance of hall doors and car doors. The first is that the door's upper frame should be refueled locally to keep it outstandingly smooth, so that the elevator will not make a harsh noise during operation and when the car door is open. Pay attention to the inspection of the elevator safety touch panel or light curtain type touch panel switch line. Because the elevator opens and closes the door more frequently, the switch line will be damaged. This requires maintenance personnel to check and replace it every time. Should be replaced in a timely manner.

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