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Analysis of the causes of failure of elevator accessories during operation

Kone Elevator: Among the escalator accessories, they mainly rely on machinery, drag circuits, and electrical control to operate normally, and they must not lack any link. There are various causes of elevator failure, which can be roughly divided into mechanical failure and electrical failure.

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(I) The causes of elevator failure include the following aspects: loosening of connecting parts, natural wear and damage, problems with the lubrication system, fatigue of mechanical operation, and the failure of the elevator's circuit system control system to compete. Will cause elevator failure.


(2) Electrical reasons. In the elevator automatic switching equipment, there is a poor contact between the component outlet and the connection of the connection line; during the operation of the elevator, there is a short circuit or short circuit in the electrical lines and components, such as the contact of the electrical components; Equipment is not maintained properly and is not timely, electrical components are contaminated with dust; over time, electrical components and lines appear aging and moisture, and lose the insulation effect.


It can be seen that the main cause of electrical failure is the main circuit. To a large extent, after the elevator is operated and used for a period of time, the contactor contacts are easily oxidized, and the springs of the electrical component contacts are fatigued or appear. Poor contact, contact loss, and bearing damage

Escalator accessories

The problem of great wear and tear, therefore, analyze the cause of the elevator failure according to the actual situation, so as to effectively eliminate the failure, and at the same time strengthen the maintenance of the elevator to ensure the normal operation of the elevator.


Electromagnetic interference will also affect the normal operation of the elevator. First, the power supply noise mainly comes from the power supply or the line that invades the system. If the system uses the power supply at the same time when there is a large load change, noise will be generated. When the power supply line is longer, the voltage will drop and the induced potential will generate some noise, which will affect Normal operation of the power supply. In the system, the loss of information can also lead to crisis and wrong behavior. Second, the noise generated by the input lines. When the input line has something in common with itself or other systems, it will invade the input line and generate noise. If the input signal is small, it will cause a system error. The third is static noise.

Escalator accessories


Because of the static electricity generated by friction, although it smiles, it can reach high voltages. Therefore, when a person is in contact with the high-potential computer version, it is possible to discharge the generated charge into the human body system. The current will generate noise and affect the whole The normal operation of the system may even damage electronic components

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