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What are the main safety protection devices for elevator accessories?

Otis Parts: Nowadays, elevator accessories have become perfect transportation equipment. It uses a variety of safety measures to prevent elevators from falling down and roofing a series of hidden dangers. As long as we can regularly maintain, inspect and properly use the elevator, we can avoid safety accidents.

The elevator's main safety protection devices are speed limiter, safety gear and buffer.
The elevator speed limiter is a safety protection device for elevators. It monitors and controls the speed of the car at any time. When an overspeed occurs, that is, 115% of the rated speed of the elevator, it can send out a signal in time, and then a mechanical action cuts off the power supply circuit and brakes the traction machine. If the elevator still cannot brake, the safety gear installed at the bottom of the car will stop the car forcibly.
The elevator safety gear device is under the control of the speed limiter. When the speed of the elevator exceeds the speed limit set by the speed limiter of the elevator, or when the suspension rope breaks and loosens, the car is stopped and clamped on the guide rail. A safety device. It provides effective protection for the safe operation of the elevator. Generally, it is installed on the car frame or counterweight frame.
Elevator accessories are installed in the pit of the elevator shaft. Its role is to prevent the bottom of the elevator pier. When the elevator bottoms, it can reduce the impact, thus reducing the damage to the elevator itself and the passengers in the elevator.

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