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What are the types of elevator accessories?

Mitsubishi Elevators: can be divided into the following categories according to purpose:

Passenger and freight elevator: mainly used to transport passengers, but can also be used as an elevator to transport goods.


Special elevator: It is applied to some elevators with special requirements, such as explosion-proof elevators, anti-corrosion elevators, and marine elevators.


Sightseeing elevator: at least one side of the shaft and the car wall is transparent, and the elevator can be used for passengers to watch the scenery of the car.


Medical Elevator: Elevator designed for transporting beds (including patients) and medical equipment, used in hospitals and medical centers.

Debris elevator: The car space is restricted and people are not allowed to enter. It is mainly used to transport small amounts of food, books and documents.


Car Elevator: An elevator designed for transporting vehicles and applied in a three-dimensional parking space.


Passenger elevators: Elevators designed mainly for transporting passengers, have a wide range of applications.

Cargo elevators: Elevators designed mainly for transporting goods, used in factories, workshops and warehouses.

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